Ivan Richeson, Co-Pastor
I was raised in a traditional church setting until my early teens, then I got caught up in the influences of the 70s: Drugs, Sex & Rock n’ Roll. After suffering through many of the consequences of following this lifestyle over the years, I began to seek a way to fill the void in my life that all these other things failed to do. At 28, I dedicated my life to following Jesus. As I began this journey, I discovered a growing friction between people who favor the more “traditional” type of worship and those younger groups of people drawn to more “contemporary” music with Christian lyrics. Unfortunately, after 20 years of being a part of the traditional church as a youth leader, a youth pastor, a worship leader, and an ordained minister, this sadly is still the case in many areas of the country. There has been a widening gap between the generations over “religious” issues and preferences that are keeping a growing number of young people out of the church. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO! It is my desire to see us, as Christians, get back to the basics of Jesus’ teachings (loving, serving, and caring for others) and develop strong RELATIONSHIPS with Jesus and with each other. This will be my primary objective as co-pastor of M.A.D. ministries.

Jim Branch, Co-Pastor
I was born October 16, 1947, and raised in southern Oklahoma. I was graduated from high school in Ringling, Oklahoma, and then served seven years in military including a tour in Vietnam. I played church off and on most of my life until October 1999, at which time God pulled me out of a life of sin that included drugs, alcohol, and many other things. I now have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ with the desire to share Jesus with others. I have always been a biker/cowboy with a passion for both motorcycles and horses. God has used that passion of mine for the past 10 years in a ministry called the Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA) that reaches lost bikers. I am honored beyond words to serve as co-pastor here at M.A.D. Ministries and to everyone. God bless you.

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